Zwift Running League returns for season two

Taking place from July 23rd to August 27th, 2021, season two of the Zwift Running League is getting under way.

Each week’s race format will be different. The events will alternate week-to-week from a points-based individual race to a team relay race.

In the points race, classic cross country scoring will be used. Here, the top three runners score for their team based on their finish order. The fourth runner is the tie-breaker.

Relay teams feature three runners plus an alternate/team manager. The event is an all-out test of speed as each member races 2 km.

Zwift adds: “Season 2 features a refinement in runner classes that determine the team’s ‘City Class.'” All runners should be of the same ability group for that class.

Each team’s best five League Point wins will count to the total for the series. There are six event times to choose from, and teams are placed into Zwift’s City classification system based on the team’s run pace categories.