Jan Frodeno shares slow motion video of crash Tri Battle Royale

(Photo: Triathlon Today)

When Jan Frodeno fell down while rounding a wet corner during the Tri Battle Royale, it didn’t stop him from setting a new world record, but for a moment we were afraid it would. The carpet at the finish area, which Frodeno ran past after the first 10.5 km lap, was soaking wet because of the rain. Frodeno slipped and fell down. Fortunately, he quickly got back up, but he limped a little before he could continue his race. Despite the pain in his hip, Frodeno managed to set a new world record for the full-distance of 7:27:53. Maybe the great result helped him to quickly get over this minor setback and laugh about it. Frodeno just shared a slow motion video of his crash on Instagram, saying: “When you’re late for the after party.”

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