Running a 3:22 marathon in -53 degrees Celsius, Vasily Lukin did it [VIDEO]

(Photo: Screenshot YouTube)

Running in -53 degrees Celsius… It’s a challenge on its own. However, 65 runners decided to even race in these temperatures during an event – which included a marathon – in Oymyakon, Yukutia (Siberia), the coldest place on earth. It was the second time that local Vasily Lukin won the marathon. He needed only 3:22 hours to complete these rough 42.2 kilometers. In the women’s race, it was fellow local Marina Sedalischeva who was first to cross the line. She noted 4:09 hours.

It’s the third time that this freezing marathon took place in Yukutia. Yukutia is an autonomous republic of Russia. The republic – in the northeast of Russia – has the size of India, which makes it the largest country subdivision in the world. It covers about eighteen percent of the total Russian territory. This year, the race celebrated the republic’s 100-year independence.

Not only inhabitants of Yukutia traveled down to race in Oymyakon, also athletes from the United Arab Emirates raced at the cold event, just like some athletes from the United States and Belarus.