Fastest “Everestman”: 40 hours of swimming, cycling and running 8848 meters elevation gain

(Photo: Screenshot YouTube)

From chain smoker to the fastest Everestman ever: Kent Ohori did it. 8848 meters elevation gain in swimming, cycling and running. Although, you can’t swim up a mountain of course, so Ohori kicked it off by “simply” swimming 8848 meters. But he did instead virtually climb the Mount Everest during the bike and run part. A bizarre attempt, that took the athletes more than 40 hours. In a video, he talks us through this extreme challenge.

“Once you overcome a challenge that you never thought you could accomplish, you start to realize how much you’ve been leaving on the table. The unfulfilled potential you always had but never realized until now. Not just in exercise, but in life in general. Go be the person you’re capable of being”, Ohori wrote on Instagram, as he announced to have completed his Everestman Challenge successfully.

Ohori swam 8848 meters in 2:30 hours, biked 8848 meters elevation gain in 201.03 kilometers and 13:38 hours, and ran 8848 meters elevation gain in 101.14 kilometers and 23:07 hours.