Sam Long shares January data: “Good balance between intensity and aerobic building”

(Photo: Instagram Sam Long)

“A successful January has been logged. I saw a good balance between intensity and aerobic building.” A few weeks ago, Sam Long announced he’s training hard for his first two races of 2022: Clash Miami and Challenge Puerto Varas in Chile. With his first races on the schedule for March, Long has started putting in the hard work again. He shares his January totals.

It starts with a “frustrating” number for the swim, at least for people who like round numbers, because Long missed swimming 100K by 1000 yards (ca. 914 meters), he stated on Instagram. That means Long swam 20,647 meters per week. That is nearly three kilometers per day. A big number, but a discipline that needs some extra attention, as Long’s a relatively weaker swimmer.

Long biked a total of 1277 miles (ca. 2,055 km), which comes down to 464 kilometers per week or 66 kilometers per day. The run part of his training made up for 253 miles (ca. 407 km). That means Long’s average week consisted of running 92 kilometers.

“The first races are rapidly approaching in a year that will be like no other with an early Ironman World Championship and so many options from the PTO,” Long concludes.