Sam Long comments on critics and recaps IM St. George: “I’m lucky to not be in the hospital”

(Photo: Screenshot YouTube)

He showed to be strong during two Middle Distance events earlier this year, but just before the Ironman World Championship St. George, things went down, as Sam Long got hit by a car during a training ride. He didn’t end up racing to his full potential in St. George, and although he has a valid excuse, he received criticism. On YouTube, Sam Long recaps his race – he ended up finishing in 15th place – and he comments on one of these critics.

“This is a childish response and ‘bullshit’, sorry, but it really is. In fact, disrespectful for others as well. Didn’t blow up? Funny… but anyway, good learning opportunity I guess (if you do learn rather than make excuses)”, ‘Kiko Lola’ comments on Long’s recap video. Long replied: “Go try it for yourself. See how you feel and how it affects your performance”, Long says about being hit by a car. “It’s a twisted world. I am lucky to not be in the hospital. I am grateful to have finished. Ultimately, am happy with my performance.”

Check out Long’s full recap on St. George in the following video.