Veo strips: to avoid sweat in your eyes, keep you cool and be safe

(Photo: Veo)

Your legs hurt, your heart and lungs are working hard, everything feels uncomfortable, but one issue that you can avoid, is getting sweat into your eyes. It’s one of those little things that can bother you a lot while racing or training. Veo got you sorted, though: they invented the Veo Strip. “An ultralight adhesive strip that channels sweat away from your eyes.”

Unlike traditional sweat bands, that feel heavy and warm, a Veo Strip doesn’t absorb sweat. “The Veo Strips channel, rather than absorb, they cannot saturate and have unlimited capacity”, Veo explains. It doesn’t only help you to feel more comfortable, it also prevents dangerous situations from occurring, as you won’t need to let go of your stir to wipe your eyes. Also, your sight won’t get blurry.

Many athletes use alternative products to keep sweat out of their eyes, like bandanas or hairbands. The problem with these products is that they can make it harder for your body to regulate its temperature, as the heat gets trapped. A Veo Strip, on the other hand, will keep your head cooler as there is still sweat on your forehead to cool you down in the wind, but there is no fabric – preventing it from running into your eyes – that warms you up.

Improved performance due to lower core temperature

Keeping your core temperature down is essential for an athlete to perform well. A low body temperature, will automatically improve performance, until a certain limit of course.

Safety: eyes on the road

Besides having a positive influence on your performance due to your body temperature remaining low, it’s much safer. Because the Veo Strip keeps stingy sweat out of your eyes, you won’t need to wipe your eyes or clean your glasses halfway through a ride or run. Additionally, as your eyes are not irritated, you can keep them focused on the road at all times.

100 percent recyclable

That’s not the only thing there is to like about Veo, because the brand also has a sustainable mission. “We have put in place a program for true reuse of 100 percent of the materials you receive in your order, from packaging (paper-based and always recyclable) to, now, the strips themselves”, Veo states. “One of our key goals was to make it easy for our customers to recycle. With each U.S. order, we will include a return shipping envelope, postage prepaid, for customers to send us their used strips.”