Sean Conway out of ‘Iron 102’ attempt: “I’ve been knocked down”

(Photo: Instagram)

“I’ve been knocked down. But I’ll get up again. I promise. You never fail. You either succeed or you learn. Thank you for all your support.” Only last week, Sean Conway started his “Iron 102” attempt, hoping to break the Iron Cowboy record by finishing 102 Long-Distance triathlons in 102 consecutive days. However, after seven triathlons, Conway had to withdraw from his attempt due to an injury.

On Instagram, his team wrote: “It’s with deep sadness that Sean’s Iron 102 attempt has ended after coming off the bike and suffering an ankle injury. Reattempt date to be announced soon.”

In 2021 the Iron Cowboy finished 101 Long-Distance triathlons in 101 days. Conway – who has succeeded at some crazy challenges before – hoped to beat that number.