Frodeno: “The one joker I never used: living and training on altitude”

Picture: Instagram Jan Frodeno

He’s the triathlete that made Girona, Spain, a popular destination for triathletes, and although he opened a hotel and café in the Spanish city, Jan Frodeno recently moved to another country: Andorra. On Instagram, he shares the exciting news and explains how he enjoys using this new ‘joker’ that he found in his stack of cards. “Greetings from sunny Andorra”, Frodeno begins his update. “It’s been a few months now that I’ve moved up here to the mountains and I found the training to be absolutely fantastic… the little that I can do at the moment, in terms of running.”

“The altitude affect has been something phenomenal for me”, he continues. “Of course later on in my career I’m still looking to push the boundaries and that’s the one joker I’ve never really used: living and training on altitude. I found fantastic surroundings here. The people have been super welcoming. The training is amazing; you’d be quite surprised. Cameron Wurf has something to say about that too”, he refers to the Australian pro triathlete and cyclist who lives in Andorra too.

“I just needed a new input and a bit of a change of my training routine after many years of seeing the same roads and trails”, Frodeno explains. “And Andorra has provided an amazing home for me and my family. I just felt like sharing that rather exciting news. In terms of what ‘new beginnings’ actually means… I’m excited. It’s just been really cool, discovering new mountain passes in front of my front door and finding all that within a stone throw from Girona has been super cool. Anyway, I’ll get back to training and will make sure that I get my butt back into a good shape.”

In a few months time, we will see Frodeno back in action. Recently, the GOAT had to withdraw from Challenge Roth due to an Achilles injury that keeps bothering him. While he’s not back to a normal running volume yet, Frodeno works hard to be in great shape and to try to win another Ironman World Championship in these final years of his career.