Jan Frodeno: “I’m alright, onwards and upwards”

(Photo: Ingo Kutsche)

Jan Frodeno was the absolute favorite for the win and therefor many triathlon fans came out to Challenge Roth to watch the GOAT in action, but already after three kilometers of running Frodeno had to withdraw from the race. The Achilles injury that Frodeno has been struggling with since a few months started to bother him again. To avoid any risk, he decided it was better to quit. In tears, Frodeno ended up on the side of the road. After a visit to his surgeon, he now shares an update.

“Yesterday was a crazy day at Challenge Roth”, he looks back. “It was amazing to see so many people out there. The atmosphere was absolutely overwhelming. It turns out I had pretty good arms and legs; the swim and bike obviously went really well. And then having to pull out on the run was tough. It was expected, but it was still one of those moments when reality really hits… You’ve got a good day, and you’re in the mix for a fantastic race that Magnus put together… You’re in front of Patrick (Lange, ed.). It was all very special, but for the long term – for going to Kona, Hawaii – we decided that this is the best plan.”

“This morning I went to go see my surgeon. I spent pretty much 1000 kilometers in the car, but the tendon is fine. It’s in good shape. It’s not ready for a marathon or any kind of crazy work load, but we made a plan as to how we can get fit in the next 3, 4 or 5 weeks and to get back to 100 percent running load. Then we can make full use of what seems to be a good form.”

“Thanks to everyone who was out there on course and the many supportive messages I received. I’m alright. Onwards and upwards”, Frodeno concludes.