It’s time for Strava’s ‘Year in Sport’ statistics

Even though Strava does not appear to be having an easy time of it and a fair number of employees are losing their jobs, the numbers from the annual “Year in Sport” remain impressive.

Key takeaways from the Strava community’s Year In Sport include:

  • Trail sports are having a moment: hiking’s popularity has tripled on Strava over the last three years, and 52% of athletes uploaded trail activities to Strava in 2022.
  • E-bikes are here to stay: the share of cyclists on Strava with an e-bike ride increased 26% this year and e-bike rides are 30% more likely to be commutes than non-ebikes. In 2022, bike commutes nearly rebounded to 2019 levels, and they’re far more likely to happen on Tuesday/Wednesday than Monday.
  • Community inspires longer and farther activities: athletes in pairs went longer in both time and distance than when they were solo, and often longer still in a group of three or more.
  • Racing is back, and marathons are the hottest tickets: the share of runners on Strava who ran a marathon nearly doubled compared to 2021.
  • International travel is nearly back to pre pandemic levels: the share of athletes uploading activities outside their home country was up 101% over last year – only 3% shy of pre-pandemic numbers from 2019.

2022 Strava community totals at a glance:

  • Over 100 million athletes in 195 countries
  • More than 7 billion activities shared on Strava
  • 40 million activities uploaded per week
  • Over 30 million Strava Segments
  • Over 3,000 professional athletes on Strava
  • 400+ employees around the world, with offices in San Francisco, CA; Denver, CO; Bristol, UK; and Dublin, Ireland
  • 9.9 billion Kudos given between athletes last year
  • Over 10 million photos and videos shared per week
  • Over 2,000 partner organisations making their communities better with Strava Metro