‘Strava increases subscription price by forty percent’


Strava is having a tough time; just last month it was announced that the platform was laying off some 15 percent of its employees, and now Strava is being criticized by being very unclear about increased fees for a premium accoint.

In recent weeks, more and more Strava users have been reporting that their premium account fees have gone up. The striking thing: some users are now paying more than others. Here, it varies not only whether users have signed up for a monthly or annual subscription, but also, among other things, which country users are from and when they signed up for their subscription. In some cases the increase is a few euros per year, in others a few euros per month and sometimes even forty percent per year.

Strava itself is not yet clarifying the exact increase. It is worthwhile – if you have a Premium account – to keep a close eye on your payment details in the near future.