Jan Frodeno: ‘I suffered, but it’s good to be back’

Jan Frodeno during the PTO European Open run (Picture: Instagram Ryzon / Frodeno)

Jan Frodeno finished fourth yesterday at the PTO European Open: only Max Neumann, Kristian Blummenfelt and Magnus Ditlev were ahead of him. For the German it mainly meant a comeback after not racing for about two years. “It’s good to be back. It really is.”

“It was a hard day at the office. I suffered. I didn’t had the legs today. I had a good swim, but the intensity on the bike was hard. I felt good within my power zones, but when I had to go beyond them to push on, it hurt and that reflected on the run. I couldn’t get past 3:20’s and then you don’t deserve to win races. I accept that. But, it’s good to be back. It really is. This is not what I was expecting or what I’ve trained for, but you know what? It actually hurts more to sit on the sideline.”