Chris Nikic’s dad prepares for his first Ironman: “He is going to train with me”

(Photo: Instagram Chris Nikic)

“Do you really believe anything is possible? We know I can do an Ironman, but the last year I’ve been calling my dad, old, weak, frail and slug.” Chris Nikic showed the world he was capable of nearly anything when he became the first athlete with Down syndrome to finish a Long Distance triathlon, but now his dad, Nik Nikic, is up for a test, too. “Finally, after my Ironman, my dad decided he is going to do an Ironman. He said he is inspired by me to stop making excuses.”

This works out perfectly for Chris, because he just got himself the perfect new training partner. “So instead of just helping me train, he is going to train with me. He started by buying an e-bike, but I told him he can’t use that in a race. This should be fun, to see if a 60-year-old man who has had hip, shoulder and neck surgeries, with a bad back and knees, can do an Ironman? Anyway, do you believe he can do it? Yes or no?”

In November, we will get to know the answer to this question, because Nik will be racing Ironman Florida, just like Chris did last year. Chris recently announced he will be racing the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii this year.