“Joint statement” Ironman and Team Angel Wolf

(Photo: Facebook Team Angel Wolf)

After Team Angel Wolf – father Nick and his disabled son Rio – learned an hour before the start of Ironman 70.3 Dubai that they would not be allowed to compete despite being registered as normal, Ironman was met with a huge amount of criticism. There hasn’t been any explanation as to why this incident happened, until now. A shared statement has been put out, but it doesn’t provide any explanation for what happened.

“Team AngelWolf and Ironman have had the chance to discuss the disappointing outcome of Rio and Nick not being able to participate in Ironman 70.3 Dubai this past weekend.

Ironman provides a welcoming platform and environment for athletes of all abilities and together we are aligned in bringing awareness and support to athletes like Nick and Rio who personify the spirit of the sport. Ironman is sorry for Rio’s disappointment on race day and looks forward to showcasing his courage at future races.

Ironman are fans of Team AngelWolf and we all look forward to future opportunities when Nick and Rio can inspire, reach beyond perceived limits, and redefine society views. On Saturday March 27, 2021, Team AngelWolf will also be doing a virtual version of IRONMAN 70.3 Dubai.

Team AngelWolf will continue their inspirational journey adding to Ironman’s rich 40-plus year history of welcoming and celebrating inclusion that includes a number of Special Teams throughout the years beginning in the 1980’s with trailblazers Dick and Rick Hoyt.

Team AngelWolf and Ironman would like to thank everyone who have followed and supported Nick and Rio and look forward to the great impact that can be had together.”

However, it remains unclear why the pair were told an hour before the start that they would not be allowed to participate in Ironman 70.3 Dubai.

Last week it was revealed that the two athletes had accepted an offer from Challenge Roth to come and race there.