Lionel Sanders talks us through IM 70.3 St George from start to finish [VIDEO]

(Photo: Screenshot YouTube)

It was race that will go down in history because you rarely see see such an exciting finish at a middle-distance race like the one we saw last weekend at Ironman 70.3 St. George. Sam Long and Lionel Sanders pushed each other right to the line at the Ironman 70.3 North-American Championship. It was so special that it brought tears to the eyes of both men as they crossed the line. Sanders said that it was the toughest battle of his career, but also referred to it as “the best” battle in his race recap video. The Canadian talks us through the race: from start to finish, including some “rookie mistakes.” Let’s enjoy this battle once more.

“I’m still processing the race,” Sanders says. “When you have one like that, that goes right down until the end, well, I’ve never had one that goes that far…that takes a while to process. I might as well go through the race as it occurred.”