Jan Frodeno shares data behind record race Tri Battle Royale

(Photo: Tri Battle Royale)

What does it take to complete a full distance triathlon in 7:27:53 hours? To start with, it takes a very fast Jan Frodeno. He shared the data behind his impressive race during the Tri Battle Royale, showing how he paced his swim, bike and run legs. Note: after ten km of running, Frodeno slipped on a wet carpet, causing him to fall and hurt his hip. That means that in the second, third and last lap of the marathon Frodeno’s pace dropped significantly.

In total, Frodeno needed 45:58 for the swim, 3:55:22 for the 180 km bike, and 2:44:22 for the marathon. Including 58 seconds in T1 and 1:13 minute in T2 that added up to a finish time of 7:27:53. That was about eight minutes faster than the former world record for the full distance, which Frodeno set during Challenge Roth in 2016 (7:35:39).