Kristian Blummenfelt wants to become a pro cyclist after 2024

Archive picture Kristian Blummenfelt (Instagram / @thatcameraman)

He has won the Olympics, the WTCS world title and since last weekend he also has his first Ironman victory in his pocket, including the fastest time ever recorded in a race over 3.8 kilometers of swimming, 180 kilometers of biking and 42.2 kilometers of running. We already know that he wants to win in Hawaii, but according to former triathlete Victor Campenaerts, Blummenfelt would also like to switch to professional cycling in a few years.

Campenaerts, who is from Belgium, broke the world hour record in 2019. He told Sporza that Blummenfelt wants to make the switch after Paris 2024 (where he wants to defend his Olympic title, ed.). “I got to know him in 2018 on altitude training in the Sierra Nevada. At first glance, it’s a not very imposing athlete. You wouldn’t even tell yourself that he is an athlete, because of his very distinct physique. But it was immediately apparent that the Norwegians are enormous training animals. Very professional and scientific too. It’s unbelievable that after winning gold at the Olympics – the highest in his sport – he didn’t even take a rest period. He only started training a little less because of the jet lag.”

Campenaerts is said to have heard from Blummenfelt’s trainer that the Norwegian wants to focus on professional cycling in addition to Hawaii and the Olympics in Paris. “In 2023 he would like to become a trainee with a WorldTour team to be able to ride a few races. In 2024 he would then like to defend his Olympic title, but after that he will switch completely to cycling, to compete at the highest level there.”