Blummenfelt: “My Biggest skill is the amount of work I can do for a long period of time”

(Photo: PTO)

Kristian Blummenfelt made the impossible possible, not only by finishing a Long Distance in less than seven hours – in which drafting was allowed – but also by following up an Olympic gold medal with a victory at the Ironman World Championship in St. George. Blummenfelt wins nearly all there is to win. Not only on the Short Distance, but also on the Long Distance, other athletes fear the Norwegian. How is it possible that this athlete is so incredibly strong? Cadex followed Blummenfelt in preparation for the Pho3nix Sub7 attempt, which gives a unique insight into the regular training days of Blummenfelt.

“My biggest skill is the amount of work that I can do over a longer period of time. And the skill to recover between the sessions and making the right decisions about the sessions to be able to have a really consistent training period over a month of time.”