Frederic Funk shares 2021 training summary

Frederic Funk after his victory at St. Pölten. (Archive picture: Triathlon Today)

Frederic Funk was one of the big surprises of 2021: the German athlete started his year off well, as he won the European Championship in Walchsee, but that wasn’t his only golden race this year, because Funk won two more Challenge Family events. That makes him an interesting man to follow, and good news is: he’s open about his training volume. Recently, he shared a one-week training overview, and before he has shared the insights of his races a few times. With 2022 approaching, Funk shared an overview of all his training during the past 52 weeks.

It comes down to 253:15 hour and 963 km of swimming, which would be an average of nearly five hours per week and about 18.5 km.

It’s no surprise that Funk spent most of his time in the saddle: 510:29 hours and 16,268 km with an elevation gain of 185,306. That means nearly ten hours per week and a distance of approximately 313 km per week.

In total, Funk ran 197:58 hours and a distance of 2740 km with 20,247 elevation gain. That means about 3:45 hours of running per week, good for 52.69 km per week.

Besides his swim-, bike- and run- training, Funk also spent time working on his strength and stretching, which came down to a total of 24:41 hours, or about half an hour per week.